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France Products

France Products

Discover information about products for sale from the beaches, plains, valleys and mountains of France, including art, food and more.

France has its own culture and unique story to tell. Use these pages to find highly desirable interior and exterior products which can be incorporated easily into your house and lifestyle.

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Photography Portfolio

Calling all designers, editorial publications and business. For the last 10 years I have been working as a freelance photographer, providing quality images for numerous websites, publications and company promotional products.(more information about photography portfolio)

Discounted Designer Clothes

Anna Lowe is the french boutique located 104 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré, Paris 8th. The shop proposes discounted designer clothes from the world's best-known fashion designers, couture and ready to wear for women (more information about discounted designer clothes)

Discounted Sportswear Clothing

Robbiestyle is the french boutique. The boutique offers where to find discounted sportswear clothing from the world's top sportswear companies, street, urban and sports for men and women (more information about discounted sportswear clothing)

Antique Lighting

Interested in a Baguès chandelier for your sitting room, a classic crystal chandelier from Baccarat for your study or a restored dutch electrolier for your dining room, the Philippe de Beauvais Show Room is open to help you source your antique lighting and Marie Antoinette Chandeliers (more information on Antique Lighting Showroom of Paris)

Sculptures and fine art

Michel Rigel was born in Bordeaux in the beginning of the 1950's to a post war France in full expansion. Finishing an education in fine art he moved up to Paris where the culture liberation of the 1970's was in full swing (more information on bronze sculptures and fine art by Michel Rigel)

Surfer art

A nomadic surfing artist from France. A specialist of the surf spots of the planet. Waves, Ocean, Coast lines and other aquatic regions. Would like your favourite surf spot or beach on canvas? Need more information about how to buy an orginal painting? (more information on surf art by surfer artist Patrick Latreille)

Longboards and surfboards

In our surf shop you will find all-around longboards, nose riders, retro and high performance surfboards for sale. We always have a good range of surfboards in stock from nine foot classics to pro models so take a board tour. (more information on hand made surfboards for sale)

Construction & Bois

We have been making timber framed houses on the west coast of france for over 35 years. Find us in the villages and towns of Ambares et Lagrave, Andernos-les-Bains, Arcachon, Ares, Blanquefort, Carcans and Grayan & Hopital. (more information on construction and bois)
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