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Wedding Photographer

I will creatively capture your wedding day, including formal and informal photographs of the brides preparation, your marriage at the church and your wedding reception (until first dance) (more information a wedding photographer in france)

Beauty therapist

Do you dream of paying a visit to a beauty salon but a busy lifestyle and the heavy traffic puts you off making an appointment? Now with Sophie 33 you have the luxury of a tailor made beauty therapist for your home (more information about this beauty therapist)

Construction Bois

Looking to build your dream holiday house in the south west of France? (more information about Construction Bois)

Mediateur Professionnel

Need a bit of help to sort out a problem? Looking for a professional mediation service for either civil, familial or work related problems (more information about this mediateur professionnel)

Website development

Are you looking to develop a small productive website which can be found on the search engines? Fast loading so not to keep your customer waiting and at a price you can afford? (then contact this web designer )

Freelance photographer

Need a professional photographer? Good references with magazines, websites, agencies, and clients in the sports world. Surf, sailing, jet on the water, motor cross, snowboard on the land and outdoor fashion (more information about this photographer )

Personal Fitness Trainer

Specialised in personal training and fitness instruction at home in the gironde. Its object is to teach the practices and techniques aiming at ameliorating physical condition and maintaining bodily balance (more information fitness trainer Bordeaux )

Flexibles hydrauliques industriels

Hydraulic and industrial hoses and fittings for machines; public works, industrial, agricultural, winemaking, forestry, roads, flexible and rigid hydraulic circuits to measure (more information Flexibles hydrauliques Bordeaux )
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