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Michel Rigel

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Michel Rigel was born in Bordeaux in the beginning of the 1950's to a post war France in full expansion. Finishing an education in fine art he moved up to Paris where the culture liberation of the 1970's was in full swing his own style developing with the changes sweeping the world during these exciting times. Techniques and ideas traded in the Parisian cafes during the afternoons giving new light to his palette, a school you cannot pay for...

Now living out side Paris, where his overflowing studio is a haven for runaway paintbrushes and artist's canvases; you can understand that long stays in the mystical city of Venice have fuelled Michel's inspirational work.

The history, culture and daily life held forever at a standstill by the brush, not the click of the camera. Pure art; where the colours of the paint on the canvas hold imagination and reality together.

French Bronze

Spyder Surf ShopThe online sculpture gallery of the sculptor Michel Rigel.

From this talented French artist you can order bronze sculptures online. These sculptures have been cast from the images of people and animals and hand carved into statuettes and busts for interior and exterior design features for your house, place of work or just for your private pleasure.

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