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Cavern Bar , Morzine

Cavern Bar , Morzine

If you are looking for the best night out or "apres ski" in Morzine during the Winter, Summer and Inter seasons you have found The Cavern Bar....

The Cavern Bar is in the middle of the village, only 70m from the Tourist Office. With your back to the office, look for the sign as you head towards the Pleney Lift. At the sign, walk down the stairs and turn right at the bottom, through the red telephone box door, easy! The English and French staff will give you the vibe.

The Bar is open from 4pm to 2am 7 days a week. The ideal Apres Ski and Evening Bar. 2 happy hours each day (4pm- 5pm and 10pm-11pm).Dress up, follow the theme and enjoy the free cocktail that the bar staff will give you when you arrive... Put a costume in your ski bag and get onto the vibe!

The Shooters menu of The Cavern Bar is famous in Morzine... B52, After Eight, Irish Car Bomb and over 20 other different shooters will give you the quick fix. Stella, Shaults, Hoogarden, Guiness and Kilkenny on tap. Corona, Newcastle, Bud, 1664, Heineken are part of the bottled beer stock.... The "top shelf" will give you hours of fun, from classic long drinks to "pick me up" slamers....
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