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Sherpa or Jolly Good Bar, Morzine

Sherpa or Jolly Good Bar, Morzine

The Sherpa (also known as the Jolly Good Bar) is found after a short walk down the Route de Plagne on your right hand side on the way out of town.The bar is open all year round with only a short interseason break in May and October.

Quaint is the only way to discribe the style of the bar. Here is a watering hole where the customers have more control over what is going on than Jolly the Dog; the bars resident hound.

The bar is used by locals and guests ( of the attached hotel) as a meeting place to swap stories after a hard day on the hill before heading off into the centre of the village for a different adventure.

Wednesday night is always a top evening in Morzine, when the bar which is normally like being in your mates living room is transformed into a pumping full on disco with sounds from local DJ's being thrown at you through the ridiculous large speakers. The Sherpa has the largest Cocktail and Shooter menu in Morzine. Watch out for the door...

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