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Holidays, vacations and weekend get aways holidays

Elvire 2 sailing holidays

Time off work is called a holiday!

Holidays for you
Most of these holiday destinations and activities in France and Morocco are suitable for all age groups and can be undertaken by any one who is of reasonable fitness, has a spirit of adventure and a positive frame of mind.

These vacations can be enjoyed if you are single, a couple or part of a family group. They are aimed at the traveller who wants to take some time off work and enjoys a bit of independence.

So if you are looking for sailing, trekking, equestion, skiing, adventure, surfing, rafting, (yes the list could go on...) feel free to follow the links.

Holidays for everybody

Morocco holidays

This country has a varation of climate, from the freezing temperatures of the Atlas Mountains to the hot pot of the Sahara. The land of the "hotel of a 1000 stars", a prime place to take some time off and have a break. (see morocco holidays)

France Holidays

France situated on the western coast of Europe is blessed with a temperate climate and four remarkable regions offering an endless choice of enticing destinations, a rich diversity of landscapes, cuisines, climates and an exceptional cultural heritage. (see france holidays)

These countries are full of surprises, a real treasure trove of sights to explore, so take your time and enjoy the images and photos before you bookup that holiday with family and friends.


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