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Morocco - Aremd

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The high altitude village of Aremd (1907m) is the ideal location for passing a few days in the "clean air" of the mountains in the Toubkal region.

This is a family body locked together in the High Atlas Mountains consisting of 1200 people, split up into 145 different family living communities. The spelling of the village name changes from map to map between Aremd and Aroumd.

This is an all year mountain resort offering: trekking, climbing, mountain biking, ski mountaineering and much more.. Over 7 km of concrete has been placed, giving a clean and secure sanity system for everybody in the village. These projects have been funded by the dynamic local village association and the local governments help. 100% of the population has running water and electricity, 80% have television and 20 % have a telephone in their house, thank you Maroc Telecom.

2 camping sites, 4 gites/ hotels, restaurants, shopping and guiding services can be found in the village.

Schools and Village Life

Guides to Morocco

Aremd has 2 schools which keeps the children occupied for 4 hours each day. From the age of 16 years old the next school is in Marrakech, which involves either a 180 km round trip or pension.

This has been a major problem for the children of the High Atlas, as the average family normally is unable to pay for the extra costs. From next year this problem will have been sorted, a high school in Asni is the answer, now the children of the mountains will have the same chance as their cousins who live in the cities.


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The Cherry and Walnut trees give a covering of shade to the pickers and carriers of the fruits and nuts. Wheat and Barley are grown on terraces which are irrigated by the integrate net work of streams and mini dams which run between the houses. These are constantly being fed by the run off from the snow melting in the mountains above.

The lush pastures of the High Atlas make some of the best grazing land in Morocco, the cows, sheep and goats have a good reason to be happy!


Guides to Morocco

The main commercial part of the village is found on the path which leads from the village of Imlil. Here you can find three cafes on the way out of the village of Aremd, stop for that last cup of tea before the steeps arrive if your heading for the top of Toubkal. One of the cafes has being given a new roof made from bamboo.

The Lac Ifni has a small bazaar where you can find a small choice of local products, from carpets to fine silver and tea pots. In the upper part of the village you will have to hunt to find the local village shop. Its easier to ask and be shown.

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