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A Gite in the High Atlas

Guides to Morocco

A top choice when you base your trekking holiday in Aremd. You will be following in the footsteps of many top mountaineers who have climbed and trekked in this area since the 1960's.

The hotel is built using the local rock on three floors with toilets, hot showers and relaxing spots in abundance. Able to accommodate up to 40 people.12 clean bedrooms. Berber kitchen, giving great food and service all year. Growing crops is mixed in with relaxation. Guiding Services at the reception. Stunning views from all of the bedrooms as you look out towards the mountains and Toubkal.

Day to day

Guides to Morocco The terraces are hand cultivated through out the year, with each crop giving the kitchen a new seasoning for the evening couscous. Couscous can be eaten with a spoon. The other way is by hand. Take a small hand full, roll it up into a ball then throw it into your mouth.

The evenings are filled with singing and dancing as the customers and the staff get into some "local style" of music and rhythm.

The Berber music is part of the culture, in the middle of the day you can here the women singing, this can be for a number of medical reasons. To remove a head ache, this works well, the pressure is relieved from the the persons head by the vocal cords... We shall have to reintroduce this into the office in Europe!

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