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Morocco - Ikiss

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The village of Ikiss is found on the road between Marrakech and Ouarzazate in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

Situated on the side of the valley, the red stone from which the village is constructed is mined from the hills behind. Below the village (which is split by the road) the crops are irrigated by the river which has shaped the valley over the centuries.


Guides to Morocco

The terraces holding wheat and barley for the yearly harvest are found clinging to the valley side, this life line for the village has been protected over the generations; the remains of a fort can be found below the village.

The walls have been eroded over time, leaving only the central strong hold as a memory of times gone by. The fort was one of the extensive lines of defence for Marrakech only 150km away.


Guides to Morocco

The local mosque stands out against the red of the village. The integrate work on the spire a masterpiece in contrast to the harsh rock. A walk around the village is a must. The village is not used to the tourist trade, so smile and say thankyou for a unique experience.

The main source of income for the village is the natural reserve of geodes which are found behind the village. When you are in the village wait until sun down, the drums will give you the rhythm as the hunters relax after a hard day on the hill. The mint tea will flow from the never ending pot as the Berber voices cut through the clear air.

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