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Morocco - Immouzzer - Paradise Valley

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Follow the coastal road out of Agadir heading north, in the village of Aourir (Banana village) turn left, follow the road up the valley. The road climbs up into the hills, on your right you will be passing Paradise valley, with her waterfalls and banana plantations, this area is worth a visit, the fast moving river a stark contrast with the surrounding arid landscape.

The name of paradise was give by Jimmy Hendrix in the 1960's, when this area was part of the hippy trail and was a frequented by many of the groups followers who used to camp up on the rivers banks for the winter. Take a walk into the valley and spend the day swimming in the natural swimming pools. Jump off the rocks into the plunge pools, lay about on the sun heated rocks, paradise!

Banana Trees and Waterfalls

Guides to Morocco

In the valley you will find ovens in the middle of the Arganiers. These are used for the production of charcoal which is then burnt on the fires of the local community.

Make your way out of the valley and follow the signs to Immouzzer. A beautiful village hidden in the foot hills of the Atlas Mountains. The lush vegetation holds the livelihood of the village, with rich crops of olives and bananas being the key to the village's welfare. Here the limestone has left caves and rock formationas all ripe to be discovered

There is one bad point. 5 years ago a minor earthquake changed the water table and so the course of the underground river, which used to flow out of the rock above the village, producing a stunning waterfall. Now a trickle is all that is left. The locals of the area blame the commercial element which has sprouted at the foot of the waterfall for its disappearance.

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