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Holidays Morocco

DAY 1 : Arrival in Marrakech, immediate transfer to Tamlakout, in the heart of the Anti-Atlas Range, where the night is spent with a local family. That evening you will have a full briefing about trekking in morocco the 8 day Jbel Siroua Trek from one of the Berber Guides who will be with you for all of this adventure.

DAY 2 : We meet up with the mules and leave in the direction of Aït Tigga crossing through a rocky lunar landscape, a dissected plateau with a wide range of volcanic features, including numerous craters and lava plugs. We set up camp just before Aït Tigga (2000 m)

DAY 3 : We cross Aït Tigga, Idoughagh and Aït Ighmour (2100 m), overshadowed by the Agadirs. We go up the pass (2700 m) and then down to the Assif Mdist. Camp.

Day 4

Holidays Morocco We are now in the heart of the Siroua mountain system, where streams have cut through rocks, gouging out canyons. The peaks seem to stretch away forever. We set up camp at the foot of Siroua an ancient volcanic massif which joins the High Atlas Mountains with the Anti-Atlas.

DAY 5 : Ascent of Jbel Siroua (3305 m) giving a superb view out over all the Atlas Range. Siroua is located about 30 miles (50 km) southeast of Toubkal. We set up camp here.

DAY 6 : Ascent of Tizi Isdrim (2700 m) and Tizi N'Talat up to Aziouane. We set up camp by huge granite blocks in the middle of the pastures.

DAY 7 : We cross the Amassines to get back to the vehicles and return to the hotel in Marrakech. 3 hours.

DAY 8 : Transfer and departure.

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