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The Kingdom of Morocco - Holidays

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Holidays in MoroccoCultural, activity and sports holidays in morocco are suitable for all age groups and can be undertaken by any one who is of "reasonable fitness", has a spirit of adventure and a positive frame of mind.

From desert and mountain trekking to the Imperial Cities, luxury golf packages to roots surf holidays, beach resorts to ski stations Morocco has it all.

Morocco Holiday Topics

Water sports holidays

Classic surf casting, wonderful lakes, crisp clean rivers and estuarys full of large and small fish, undisturbed and peaceful fishing in beautiful surroundings. Including family fishing holidays and private fishing breaks (see angling holidays in morocco)


Kayak a river, lake or the ocean to get the blood flowing. From the complete beginner to experienced paddlers. Holidays for all levels. (see kayaking holidays in morocco)


Planning a quality kiteboarding holiday in Morocco, or looking to get kitesurfing lessons. Learning to kitesurf involves being taught in a safe environment by qualified professionals and you will be up and surfing in no time. (see kitesurfing holidays in morocco)


Accessible to everybody, from the easy run for beginners to the more adventurous rapids. Rafting holidays are interesting and challenging. Enjoy the crystal clear waters and fast flowing rivers (see rafting holidays in morocco)


Surf holidays in Morocco and surf camps, find the best for your trip on the west coast of Morocco. Discover the breaks and surf spots with a qualified guide. (see surfing holidays in morocco)


Take a windsurfing holiday and discover the quality that Morocco has to offer from the sea, ocean and her lakes. Enjoy the freedom that you are looking for. (see windsurfing holidays in morocco)

Mountain sports holidays

Classic routes reaching for top levels making an ideal autumn to spring get away, a country that has pure lines including the Todra Gorge. (see climbing holidays in morocco)

Mountain Biking

Morocco offers superb biking, from tough climbs, flowing descents to technical singletrack work. From the Atlas to the desert you have it all. (see mountainbiking holidays in morocco)


Quality mountains, climate and culture make Morocco an ideal destination for a trekking holiday, from the stunning beauty of the Atlas Mountains you need not look no further. (see trekking holidays in morocco)

Skiing / Snowboarding

The original ski holiday in the highest ski resort in Northern Africa. Snowboard or skiing, the choice is yours. (see skiing and snowboarding holidays in morocco)

Motor sports holidays
Driving and 4x4

Discover Morocco, travel through regions while recieving technical lessons on driving and equipment when out on the trails. (see driving and 4x4 holidays in morocco)

Motor bike / Quad bike

High passes and winding valleys are the haven for any serious off-road biker, with the terrain changing from harsh mountains to deserts, you will find something for all levels in Morocco. (see motor bike and quad bike holidays in morocco)

Other sports holidays

From introduction riding courses and lessons to trail riding, trekking holidays and ranching vacations. Get to know the best parts of Morocco with the locals. (see equestrian holidays in morocco)

Camel Trekking

The camel trekking itself conjures up romantic images of vast unending sands, desert oasis, and the night sky. If visitors to Morocco really want to get away from it all; (see camel trekking holidays in morocco)


Uncover quality golfing breaks and golf tours at the best courses across Morocco. Enjoy the relaxed informal attitude and exceptional services on offer (see golf holidays in morocco)

Cultural holidays
City Tours

See the cities of Morocco, enjoy this beautiful country steeped in ancient history and architrcture. Guided tours, quality hotels and a perfect way to unwind from the pressures of day to day life. (more information on the city holidays of morocco)

Overland Adventure Tours

See Morocco by becoming a member of an overland safari. Travel on a prepared 4WD overland truck designed for adventure tours or using an air-conditioned private bus or minivan. (information on the adventure tours of morocco)
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