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A Triumph 2000 mk2 - great fun for days down to the beach

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    A classic that seems to have been forgotten by the passage of time. The 2 litre straight-six engine and 4 speed box give you that celebration of sound that the 1970's rocked and rolled to.

    Rare in France - Left hand drive - First registration 1970 in Paris.
    Motor 2000cm3 straight-six powered by 2 carburetors with a 4-speed manual gearbox plus reverse.
    Good general condition (front upholstery to be done) resprayed a few years ago, with 90000 kms on the counter (not guaranteed).
    Carte grise Française de collection.
    I am at your disposal for any further information:
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    A Triumph 2000 - Great fun for days down to the beach  1930's beach house  1930's beach house Montalivet village

    videa driving triumph 2000

    Spare parts not to much of a problem, i've been using rimmerbros in the UK over the last few years, to bing the spares to france, but things have changed a bit..

    first words : 2021 / latest update : 2021

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