An unspoilt stretch of beach

Naujac sur Mer

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Nouvelle-Aquitaine, FRANCE

The Plage of the Pin Sec is located in on the Atlantic Coast, a wild, unspoilt stretch of beach, a hidden jewel on the South West coast of France, if you are looking for a place to camp for a few days away from the commercial rush of the tourist industry here you will find it outside the high season.

The 2 campsites, one food shop, a surf school (Ecole de Surf du Pin Sec) and the Dolphin Surf Club, 2 bars, a snack bar and a couple of restaurants (including the Calypso and the Paradau) are all you will find hidden behind the sand dune which stretches from Soulac-sur-Mer to Cap Ferret protecting the Aquitaine pine forest from the power of the Atlantic Ocean.

Sport and Activities : Pin Sec

Sitting on the top of the dune next to the Pin Sec life guards hut (open in the summer only). Enjoy the sunrise as the shadows of the dune stretch out before you to the sometimes spectacular sun sets as the sun drops off into the ocean while enjoying a glass of red wine from the famous vineyards of the Medoc situated behind at the restaurant the Au Pin Sec & A L'Eau.

Pin Sec Beach

The beach (classed in the top 100 of the most beautiful in France) has a great atmosphere in the summer, ideal for taking a few small waves at an uncrowed spot, all you have to do is walk a bit and you will find a peak for yourself. Otherwise its sun bathing and beach games on one of the most uncrowed stretches of beach that you will find in France.

Just driving to the beach you will think that you are on an adventure, the road from Naujac sur Mer after the cross roads with Montalivet and Hourtin Plage, passes through the forest, the last rise before dropping down in to the Pin Sec will give your sensations a rise as the road seems to disappear into the sky.