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17th Arrondissement of Paris

"Philippe de Beauvais of Paris, France: The Antique Light Showroom, whose expertise in collecting and selling quality French chandeliers, lamps and wall lights is world famous".

The Philippe de Beauvais showroom is located in the 17th Arrondissement of Paris, only a few minutes walk from the from the "Metro Ternes" and the "Vélib" station No. 8044. Lighting specialist : Philippe de Beauvais; The Antique Lighting Showroom of Paris = Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian sconces, lamps and chandeliers.

Antique Chandeliers including: Baccarat Crystal, Bagues, Basket, Boheme Crystal, Gilt Wooden Chandelier, Bronze Gold-leaf , Ceiling Chandelier, Directoire Chandelier, Murano glass, Empire, German Crystal, Pampilles and more.

As for Wall Sconces ; Bronze Gold leaf Wall Sconces and Wooden Gold leaf Sconces. The Antique Lighting Showroom of Paris.

From paris to your front door

Whether you are interested in a Baguès chandelier for your sitting room, a classic crystal chandelier from Baccarat for your study or a restored dutch electrolier from the early 1900's for your dining room, the Philippe de Beauvais ShowRoom is open to help you source your antique lighting and have it delivered to your front door..