Les Gabares

Dordogne River

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First you may ask what is a Gabares or Gabarre..

You find two distinctive types, one is a sea going vessel while the other is used for navigation on a river. The sailing boats in this region of France were originally used to transport freight on the rivers and so were the flat bottomed type, giving a low draft to produce a maximum payload during the summer months.

To day the freight is transported by train and lorry and "Les GABARES" have found a new purpose.. and now serve for guided tours for those who want to discover the rich heritage along the meanders of the river Dordogne in a modern and secure replica.

The Gabares boat tours go from the village of La Roque-Gageac to the Castle of Castelnaud and the Gardens of Marqueyssac on the otherside of the valley (the tour takes about 1 hr and is well worth the visit).