Black Bass, Trout and Perch are to be found

Fishing in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco

Travel to the Ait Aadel Dam

Take the eastern road from Marrakech to Tamelelt follow signs to Ait Aadel Dam. The Lake of Ait Aadel and her surrounding forests and mountains.

The 83million m3 lake of Ait Aadel is part of the reserves feeding the city of Marrakech and her surrounding towns and villages.

This jewel of water in the Atlas is situated north west of Ouarzazate and 80 km north of east of Marrakech. This region is part of the 39 rural communities (over 7500 inhabitants) which are spread through the province of Al Haouz.

"The lake is still, the wind from the night before has dropped off giving the feeding fish an ideal hunting ground. The surrounding mountains glow with a life giving pulse radiating energy onto the Lake of Ait Aadel. The cry of the mule breaks the silence, with its stomach sending the" food" message to the brain. A bag of feed will stop that!"

Timinoutine Village Life

Timinoutine is an old military village overlooking Ait Aadel. In circling the village, the warren of holes and earthworks created through generations of soldier. If you enjoy extreme"paint ball" this is the place to go!

The village souk is a high light of the week, with people flocking into the village from the surrounding area. The tracks are filled with mules making their way slowly home laden down with the weeks shopping. Free camping, with guardian. Bring your own water. No portable telephone or television, here you can escape. A fantastic area of tracks for riding two wheels be it motobike or mountainbike.

During the evenings the distinctive sound of a drum will cut through the still air, to be followed by the soul reaching singing of the Berber inhabitants.

There are three Berber dialects: 1/Le Tamazirht (Mid Atlas). 2/Le Tarifit (North Morocco). 3/Le Tachlhit (Coastal-South). Each dialect creates their own stories and songs giving a large variation of music from the north to the south of the country.


Wake up in the morning open the curtains for the first time after a night drive from Marrakech to Ait Aadel and check the panoramic view of the lake when you wake up in the morning. From a height of 89m you get the elevation which you need to get that fabulous view of the forests which are distinguished by their exceptional biological richness.

Get out of bed and investigate the diversity of the trees and fauna in this fragile ecosystem. The forestry commission has a 10% covering of Morocco aimed at protecting and developing the industry with the help of the local inhabitants. So when you are reaching out, too start up the fire for your morning cafe, watch the sparks.

Fishing - Black Bass

Black Bass. Trout and Perch are to be found in this well stocked reservoir and the River

The climate of Morocco is notable for her very irregular rainfall. This is spread unevenly around the country and has for the last 3 years been a major talking point as the land is going through a dry period...There are however 4 billion subterranean cm.m2 and 16 billion cm.m2 of surface water ready for next year, so no problems. There are 93 Major dams in Morocco, 25 more on the drawing boards and 4 under construction.

Black Bass

In season, the trout, black bass and perch will make a stable food source for your travels. Collect a permit for a day, then enjoy the views. I was lucky to spend the morning down at the water with a rod. Across the lake the rising fish were ready for me...

A blue spinner (No.3) with a 5kg line was all that was needed. My 10th cast, my first bite. The Black Bass is a powerful fish, the fist run took 20m of line. After 5 minutes she had tired out and I was able to relax knowing the Tajine would be full tonight!