Leather goods

There are thousands of different types of leather available

Moroccan Leather

Leather ware has been a highly prized item amongst the cargo of traders since the 16th century in Morocco. Nothing has changed in the Marrakech Souk's tanneries for many hundreds of years where great pride has and still is being taken in producing products of the highest quality.

Amongst the thousands of different types of leather available, found stretched out on the straw to dry in the sun, close to the vats of the Souk, you will find the craftsmen still using saffron to obtain yellow, poppies for red, indigo for blue and antimony for black to produce their original hand made products.

Leather is used to make handbags, travel bags, satchels to mention but a few of the uses. These will be styled by the leather workers with gold-leafed designs and other colours to produce arabic and geometric designs to give the desired effect. Metal framed lamps are traditionally covered with leather before being hand painted to produce an original lighting effect for your house.