a Berber Village deep in the argan zone

Atlantic Coast - Morocco

Yes .. fine sand beaches only a few miles away!

Ghazoua is an old Rural Berber Village deep in the argan zone, 3 km inland from the beach of Sidi Kaouki 8km from Essouiria on the Agadir road. It is named after a famous battle, which was fought in the 18th century between the local Berber population and the Spanish overlords.

Here in Ghazoua you can still find pieces from this famous battle, so bring your metal detector as the local woods are worth investigating. You will find this hot work and the best cafe in town is the Tajine where the back garden with her covering of trees makes a great place for a stop over for salads, tarijne and tea.

Many European and American artists have settled in this village where its relaxed pace of life and mellow vibe makes an ideal setting to paint ones thoughts. Water from the local well can be used for drinking, found 1 km down the dirt track opposite the Taijne Cafe. Thanks to the local chief great help...Rachid.

The local shops are found here, so pick up your fresh fruit and vegetables, which are grown locally in the mineral rich soil.