Trails to discover for enduro, trial & mountain bikers

Atlas Mountains - Morocco

Seated at an altitude of 1200m

The village which dominates the Ait Aadel region is Le Haouz. Seated at an altitude of 1200m this family community has its own eco- culture, from the crops grown on the plateau to the mule postal service.

Here you will find Morocco at its best, the outside world does not seem to be able to impregnate this village..

The house is built around a central court yard, open to the sky. Each of the 4 walls opens up to other rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and meeting halls. This is the centre of the village.

Endless trails to discover for enduro, cross, trial and mountain bikers a dream for 2 wheels. The tracks are too thin for 4x4 (the section from Timinoutine to Le Haouz 2 wheels 2/ 4 feet only).

The workers harvesting the wheat seem at ease with the hot mid day temperature as they make their way methodically across the fields harvesting the crop for the family community.

The atmosphere is relaxed, with the only noise coming from the cutting blades of the workers. The clicking of the bamboo finger protectors mixed with the cut of the scythe are the rhythm of the day.