From the Atlas Mountains of Morocco

Products made in small foundries found beside the souks

Lanterns and decorative coffee tables made in brass are among a large collection of products made in small foundries found beside the souks of Moroccan towns. Brass has long been considered one of the finer metals and artists use it extensively to create elaborate items of both function and beauty.

Morocco is a copper producing country and Douar Hajar is one of the larger mines located in Guemassa, 35 km south of Marrakech.

The art of making silver jewelry is a very ancient Moroccan tradition. They have been producing jewelry by first extracting the silver from the ore for generations.

lead, zinc and magnesium

Other minerals include lead, zinc and magnesium which are found in abundance through Morocco's Mountainous Regions.

Each village in Morocco has a blacksmith; in Imlil some of this work is carried out by Aziz situated at the village entrance. Normally he can be found making new doors and window frames for the local communities down in the valley.