Producing one of the finest olive oils of the world

Products of Morocco

Morocco has an ideal climate for the olive tree and her olives. Producing one of the finest olive oils of the world. Surrounding the walled city of Marrakech the olive trees give shade to the sun baked ground.

The irrigation channels which snake their way between the trees, are the life line to the rich crop which will be ready for your tajine by September in this region of Morocco.

If you are lucky you will make your way to the "olive corner", this group of stands can be found near the Cafe de France. The feeling of "souk" is all around as the city life moves through its daily motions. Ask for Yousif when you find the small stands selling their olives and spices.

I spent a few fun evenings selling olives to the people of Marrakech in the souk on the stand. The stand is 2m x 4 m; a shoe box, with a collection of olives; green, black, red, with garlic or herbs, hot or sour, marinated in wine. They're ready to be served with every meal, either as an appetizer or with your main course. Try out the spicy ones. My mouth was on fire for the next hour.