Follow the beach for great Surf Casting

Unfortunally the shipwreck was vanished..!

Yes .. fine sand beaches

On the "International Road"of Morocco 160 km south of Agadir, on the edge of the Sahara, boarding onto the Atlantic Ocean, you will find the old Spanish colonial trading post and modern day fishing port of Sidi Ifni.

The fishing harbour overflowing with trawlers filled with sardines for the European and local markets is the life line of this relaxed town which has not yet been hit by the visiting hoards of the package holiday. (There are over 12,000 small fishing boats on the coast of Morocco. The government is trying to develop advanced unloading points and other equipment in this growing activity.).

The collection of good fish restaurants and cafes are worth trying out if you are lucky enough to pass some time in this town. The hotels of the town offer all amenities and a camp site found within the town walls on the sea front is a great place to stop through the winter months. ( This has now changed to a beach view maga camping spot)

Surf Sidi Ifni

Sidi ifni is the name now given to this break situated at the rivermouth is infront of the camping site and old swimming pool. Drop down the old spanish stairs of the town of Sidi Ifni and you're there..

The towns outlet appears at low tide which was a bit worrying at first. I surfed here for 3 days and had no problems from the quality of the water.

Vanished Shipwreck

Heading out of Sidi Ifni for a surf and follow the beach and you will find this shipwreck on the beach . Unfortunally this shipwreck was vanished..