from the village of Tagura

Bread baked in an oven

Moroccan bread

The bread or Khobz as it is called by the Berber's is traditionally produced by the women of the family in Morocco. From the collecting of the wood to serving the finished product.

The production of the bread turns the valley into a hive of activity throughout the daylight hours, from the back breaking carrying techniques used by the women to carry the wood for the oven, to the heat of the fire.

This collection of photographs are from the village of Tagura in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco and show the way that the oven is used.


The baking of the bread has a more relaxed pace. As the women and children sit down together to talk as the outside oven does its job.

The dough for the unleavened bread (no yeast) has been made from the crops grown in the valley. The dough is placed onto metal semi circular trays inside the oven which will give it its shape and help it to cook evenly.

When the oven has been sealed with twigs and grass the it is "fired up" from the top. The fire will burn for about 15 minutes as the supply of wood is extinguished before being left for 40 minutes to cook under its own heat. Then bread or Khobz are ready..