A quick Guide to the Atlantic Coast of Morocco


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Agadir is one of Morocco's main western seaports on the Atlantic Ocean. The name is a shortened version of Agadir n Irir.


Banana Village or Aourir is situated 7 km north of Agadir. The Atlantic Ocean coast location with a mountainous back drop.


Casablanca is found on the Atlantic Coast of Morocco to the south of the capital Rabat and is the city famous for its cross over style


With her first throws in the 8th century as a Phoenician Trade post to the 21st century as a leading musical and cultural meeting point


Ghazoua is an old Rural Berber Village deep in the argan zone, 3 km inland from the beach of Sidi Kaouki 8km from Essouiria on the Agadir road.


The village of Legzira is hidden at the base of the cliff. Here you will find an Auberge, a cafe and one shop where you can buy fresh fish and bread.


Driving from Agadir south to Sidi Ifini on the International Road you will pass through the village of MirLeft. A great place to camp is 200m before the river.


The long history of Rabat dates easly back to the seventh century, when as Mauritanian trading post on the river Bou Regreg it was the centre of commerce.

Sidi Ifni

On the International Road of Morocco 160 km south of Agadir, on the edge of the Sahara, boarding onto the Atlantic Ocean, you will find the old Spanish colonial trading post

Sidi Kaouki

Driving out of Essouria on the Agadir road, after the village of Razwa you take the second turning to your left, here you will find the sign for Sidi Kaouki (12 km).


Taghazout is a fishing and surfing village situated on the West Coast of Morocco 17km north of Agadir on the International Road. On this coast the weather is sun blessed all year round.


Tarfaya, situated on the Cape Juby (27 56' 31" N- 12 57' 20" W) on the Atlantic Coast has seen the passage of time and a bit of history.