A quick Guide to the Draa Valley of Morocco

Stretching into the Sahara holding thousands of the palm trees from Agdz to Mhamid

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This snaking valley from Agdez to M'hamid holds the Draa River; the longest river in Morocco, its course takes it from the High Atlas mountains to the Atlantic Ocean on the way it is swallowed up by the sands and rock of the desert before reappearing on the coast close to Agadir.

With the air temperature being close to 40'c in the summer, you move, you sweat. You will not see the water literally running off your body as the super hot air evaporates it into history. If you get out into the sun be careful. The best time of the day is the morning, get up when its dark, and enjoy the most breath taking sun rises of your life, the colours are out of this world, the temperature is pleasant, as the sun rises over the sands.

A waddi stretching into the Sahara holding thousands of the palm trees living off the sweet water from Agdz to Mhamid; the Draa Valley. The main agriculture is the sweet dates which have been planted on the sides of the the river. Here you will find over 50 varieties of date which are being farmed by the local population.


Ouarzazate created in 1928 as a French garrison town is the undisputed film capital of Morocco, with major block busters including Lawrence of Arabia.


They say the first people to settle on the Moroccan lands were Les Maures, is this the way that they arrived?