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Morocco the destination and trekking paradise with four magnificent mountain ranges. Add the Sahara Desert, Atlantic Coastline and you have found the spot for holidays in North Africa. Morocco also harbours the urban adventures of Fes and Marrakesh, cities that give the soul back to shopping.

You will find links and information on local culture, lifestyle, places to visit and interesting things to do, all discovered at the press of a button.

The Majic of Argan Oil

The traditional way of collecting the Argan, is by hand, picking the ripe Arganiers is an art, as the tree's sharp thorns try their best to keep out all prying hands. (more info on argan oil production in essaouria)

Bread locally known as Khobz

The bread or Khobz as it is called by the Berber's is normally produced by the women of the family in Morocco. From the collecting of the wood to serving the finished product. (more info on bread or khobz from tagura)


The cactus is a plant put to many uses in Morocco. It has been used as a boundary marker for peoples land since the first nomadic settlers needed to protect themselves against man and beast. (more info on cactus in morocco)

Camel Trekking

Camel trekking itself conjures up romantic images of vast unending sands, desert oasis, and the night sky. If visitors to Morocco really want to lose themselves and get away from it all; there is no more extreme way than to set off across the great Sahara Desert on a camel (more info on camel trekking near zagora)

Berber Carpets

Moroccan artifacts go a long way back and the carpet is certainly the oldest of all of them. Here is a country famous for its carpets and carpet production and a long history to go with it. With household names such as Kilim, Glawa and Taznaght (more info on carpets from marrakech)


The steep sides of the valley got my heart racing as I climbed from the village to the Geode Zone, where for generations the village people have been mining these beautiful crystals. (more info on geodes from ikiss)


On the road from Agadir to Essaouria you have to stop to see the Goat Trees. Here a clever man has trained his goats to climb a tree!(more info on goats near taghazout)


The art of making silver jewelry is a very ancient Moroccan tradition. They have been producing jewelry by first extracting the silver from the ore for generations. (more info on jewelry from marrakech)


Leather ware has been a highly prized item amongst the cargo of traders since the 16th century. Nothing has changed in the Souk's tanneries for many hundreds of years where great pride has and still is being taken in producing products of the highest quality. (more info on leather from essaouira)


Each village in Morocco has a blacksmith. In Imlil some of this work is carried out by Aziz situated at the village entrance. Normally he can be found making new doors and window frames for the local communities. (more info on metal work from morocco)


While on a short day trip on the bike, across a sand / rock area to the south of Zagora, I was stopped in my tracks with that sence of fear, pumping through my veins. (more info on meteorites from zagora)

Motorbike Tours

The mule tracks which crisis cross the high passes and valleys are the haven for any serious off-road biker, with the terrain changing from harsh mountains and forests to desert and sand, you will find something for all levels in Morocco. (more info on motorbike tours around imlil)

Mountainbike Tour

A mountain bike tour in Morocco is a great adventure solo or with friends as you can fly to Marrakech carrying your baggage: 35kg (including bike /trailer). Here is an example of one man, his bike and a map of 1/1000000 on tour in Morocco. (more info on mountainbike tours)


This hard working animal called the mule is found through out Africa. Used as a lorry and taxi, he can carry up to 100 kg over the hardest of conditions. In the winters the mule will be used in the snow, the freezing temperatures of the High Atlas Mountains being all part of a days work. (more info on mules from imlil)

Olive Oil

Morocco has an ideal climate for the olive tree and her olives. Producing one of the finest olive oils of the world. Surrounding the walled city of Marrakesh the olive trees give shade to the sun baked ground. (more info on olive oil from marrakech)


Oranges are one of the natural products in Morocco, which have a better taste than you will find in Europe. The climate of hot sun and more hot sun seems to give the fruit the edge on their European cousins. (more info on oranges from marrakech)

Tajine Recipes

Tajine Recipes and other Moroccan cooking tricks: A tagine is a earthen wear African steam cooker. It will keep your ingredients moist due to its ingenious construction The tajine is the way forward. (more info on the tagine recipes from morocco)


The cool morning air was refreshing as I made my way out of the village of Imlil following the river south towards the village of Aremd. The path leads through the walnut trees as I snaked my way between the houses which seem to be hanging off the side of the mountain. (more info on trekking toubkal)

Surf Casting

Morocco's 3500km of coastline is renowned as one of the largest fish rich areas of the Atlantic Ocean. The fishing off the Sahara is one of the richest areas of the world. (more info on surf casting sidi-ifni)


This area is one of the best surfing regions of Morocco and a well known winter surf trip for European surfers looking for winter sun within 5 hours flight of London. The water is at 16/18'c for most of the year. (more info on surfing taghazout)

Wood Carving

Wood carving is a product that you will come across throughout Morocco. But on the Atlantic coast the Moroccan town of Essaouria is the centre of craftsmen, shaping everything from tissue paper holders to elegant tables and desks. (more info on wood carving from morocco)