Let's go to Morocco

A land steeped in Arab culture, ancient history, Moorish architecture and Berber good will.

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Situated on the Western coast of Northern Africa with a 3500 km coastline that includes the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

Morocco is a country with dramatic variations of culture, architecture, climate and a topography that is always in flux with the winds of time. Every city, town and village has its own unique story to tell each visitor, the differences will be depend on how you unlock the door.

Morocco the destination and trekking paradise with four magnificent mountain ranges. Add the Sahara Desert, Atlantic Coastline and you have found the spot for holidays in North Africa. Morocco also harbours the urban adventures of Fes, Rabat and Marrakesh, cities that give the soul back to shopping.

This country has a varation of climate, from the freezing temperatures of the Atlas Mountains to the Draa Valley and the hot pot of the Sahara. The land of the "hotel of a 1000 stars", a prime place to take some time off and have a break.