electric skateboard

Cordless vacuum cleaner + selfie stick to electric skateboard - Make Your Own. Let’s not throw away, before putting something in the rubbish bin, have a look what it can be up-cycled into..

Hand made in France Cordless vacuum cleaner

First job was to strip down the old rowanta cordless vacuum cleaner, and find the old oxbow skateboard that had been hiding in the back of the garage for the last 20 years. The electic circuits were cut out and a stronger motor from a car water pump was also found.

Cordless vacuum cleaner Cordless vacuum cleaner electric Oxbow skateboard

The arm of the rowanta cordless vacuum cleaner had to be cut in half leaving the batteries under the skateboard and the controls were mounted on a "selfie-stick" with extended cables to join the control to the power house below the board , as can be seen below.

electric skateboard electric skateboard electric-skateboard

Well top speeds will not be breaking any world records, but I expect that this is the fastest cordless vacuum cleaner in France!

first made : 2019 / latest update : 2021