Camping holidays on the Atlantic Coast of France

I need a light pop-up exhibition system to be used on the beach at night for an art exhibition that I was developing with a few friends from Montalivet called the "marée basse".. A nocturnal art exhibition christened "Low Tide"

The aim of the exhibition was to allow different artists to get together on an original site in order to exhibit their works of art to the general public. The "rules" were: No generator or 220V.You take care of your installation / lighting system. Setting up of the exhibition on the beach was from 8 p.m. The exhibition took place from 9 p.m. with the tide going out, so over the 3 hours untill the tide turned at midnight (low tide) the show was on.

Expo Marée Basse Expo Marée Basse Expo Marée Basse

The upcycled pop-up exhibition system got some great reviews, so I was asked to set up in other places including a cinema in Bordeaux, a road exhibition in Montalivet and an exhibition called in the forest called Medoc Art Surf.

upcycled pop-up exhibition system upcycled pop-up exhibition system upcycled pop-up exhibition system

Feeling restricted in how and when you can do an art exhibition? This could be for you. These self standing collapsible exhibition stands made from an old restaurants wooden terrace; are fast to set up (under 2 minuets) flat pack into a car's boot and have a battery powered LED lighting system included in the set up. Ideal for your pop-up exhibitions.

first made : 2013 / latest update : 2021