Arcachon Bay

Found on the North Eastern side of Arcachon Bay, this French town found on the waters edge is split into 4 smaller communities going by the names of Audenge, Cassy, Lanton and Taussat and boasts one of the longest piers (jetty) in France reaching out to over the 200 m mark.

Atlantic Coastal Town Walking around and looking for a good place to eat? All year the Hotel Restaurant Etoile found on the Place de l'Etoile, on Tuesdays (during the summer months) you will find a market has taken over the roundabout with local products offered by local producers) is one of the better places for a meal. Excellent value for money, (try the fish, as it is of a remarkable quality), with it's wood panelled walls aging well for their years you have found a real local Andernos-les-Bains restaurant.

Hotel Restaurant Etoile Andernos-les-Bains

Otherwise a bit closer to the centre of town try out the restaurant La Maison found at 49 Boulevard de la République. Enjoy a pizza or the "plat de jour", quality for money in a relaxed enviroment with a service and a smile. But remember it's a good idea to reserve a table as this a a popular restaurant with the locals.

restaurant La Maison restaurant La Maison

As for places to stay, open from April to November you have the 3 star campsite Fontaine Vieille with views of the Bay stretching out from the beach where you can spend some time topping up on your suntan, just turn left off the Boulevard du Colonel Wurtz.

campsite Fontaine Vieille oyster-shucking oysters eat some oysters

As we all know this bay is well known for its cultivation and oyster farms. In most of the ports you can take a seat at one of the many restaurants that have sprung up over the years, quite regularly found in the old farmers buildings, adding that local touch with original views while you can enjoy the whelks and other seafood delights that this town has to offer.

So you want to eat some oysters.. after they have been opened for you (oyster-shucking). Start by taking the small fork and detach the muscle holding the oyster to the shell. Add either shallot vinegar, lemon, pepper (or just keep it natural) to the oyster, open your mouth and "slurp" it down.. remember to chew a couple of times before you swallow!

first words : 2015 / latest update : 2021