Arcachon Bay

Arcachon, great town found on the west coast of France on the southern side of the Bay of Arcachon. If you are looking for oysters and wine, why not come and stay for a few days or a long weekend? The town has some fun places to see, including trips by taxi boat where you can discover the rest of the Bassin. Or if the water is not your cup of tea, lots of charming town houses, ports, markets and oyster farms which are well worth the visit .

Atlantic Coastal Town. During the summer months the region gets very busy with a large influx of people from Bordeaux and the surrounding area, come here out of the main summer period and you will discover a beautiful part of France, with lots to do and see and a local population who are more than willing to share with you the treasures that the Bassin has to offer.


Why not hunt some sea shells (Clams, Cockles, Razor shells and Mussels), remember when picking it's best to start heading home one hour after the low tide.. With a net and a bucket, go and discover the exceptional ecosystem of Arcachon Bay.

restaurant La Maison restaurant La Maison

You can also discover the Arcachon basin all year round on a traditional "Pinasse" boat, where you can trip to Bird Island or the Arguin sandbank for the day. Or take a walk up the Dune of Pilat (and pic-nic at the top) which offers a stunning panoramic view over the pines forests, the Banc d'Arguin, the Ocean and the Cap Ferret.

Dune of Pilat Abatilles spring water

Abatilles spring water is taken from a source which comes from over 450m below the earths surface and arrives in the bottling plant at over 25c. The source was discovered in 1923 when an engineer called Louis Le Marie was looking for oil and to his surprise he came across a fountain of water above the town of Arcachon.

first words : 2016 / latest update : 2021