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Prunier- Mesuret → catering solutions - equipment for butchers, restaurateurs, caterers and hoteliers. Specilist in the salting and injection for meats, Prunier-Mesuret ( based in France) with over 30 years of experience have the knowledge, supply and servicing for international customers.

The Prunier- Mesuret brine pumps are use to inject brine into meat and are used for the various types of ham and bacon. The magnitude of brine introduced into the fresh meat can be determined the water pressure created by the pump.

equipment for butchers salting and injection for meats stainless steel brine pumps Equipment for salting and injection Quick release needles

Manual injectors with quick release needles and other accessories that goes with the brine pump. More information for Brine Injector Pumps, extra spare parts and quality salting equipment or if you need catering equipment including Gas fryers, Food smokers, Ham Presses,stainless steel meat slicers, electric meat mincers please check out or website and contact us for a catalog.

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