Ericksonienne hypnotherapeute

Bernadette Ducos is a fully trained Ericksonienne hypnotherapist working in the Bordeaux region of France. Who can administer hypnosis to individuals or at your place of work.

Bernadette Ducos's Hypnotherapy cabinet is located in Gradignan while she employs the use of hypnosis with clients throughout the region.

Need a helping hand to sort out a few problems? Maybe you have an unwanted or unhealthy behavior like smoking, gambling, nail-biting, or excessive eating and need some help? Follow the below link so you can be sure that you are reaching a fully certified hypnotherapist, who has the expertise and experience required using guided relaxation techniques in the Bordeaux Metropole including the town's of Pessac, B├Ęgles, Villenave d'Ornon, Gradignan and Talence.

Ericksonienne Hypnotherapist Bordeaux Metropole

Bernadette Ducos. A hypnose service either at you home, or at your place of work..

Training days dedicated to hypnosis can be organized in the Bordeaux region. Please follow the link for more information at the website shown below.

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written : 2021 / latest update : 05/2021