Down town Chamonix

A holiday break is a fun time for father and son, ideal for a bit of bonding after a hard year of Brixet and Covid-19, so to Chamonix for a few days for an end of summer holiday adventure was the plan ..

Leaving Montalivet on the west coast of France at 04h00 gave us a clear run, covering the 860 km with 10 hrs on the road. Motorway for 95% of the journey and cruse control made the journey a fun time to talk, enjoy the Deezar play lists and watch the sights flyby. (I had also invested in the motorway toll auto pay for the Nissan - You just drive through the tolls a 30 km/h and magic, the credit card does the rest! It must have saved us a good half an hour on the road not having to collect the tickets, wait in the queues or throw coins at the toll booths.).

Hotel Pointe Isabelle

We arrived in Chamonix at 15h00 after a clear run across France, to find that the town was hosting a high altitude cross-country running event. So we had a bit of a run around to find a place to stay before landing a twin room in the *** Hotel Pointe Isabelle with stunning views of the Aiguille du Midi and the surrounding glaciers running off the Mont-Blanc.

views of the Aiguille du Midi et Mont Blanc views chamonix Aiguille du Midi et Aiguille l'M train station

The Hotel is situated in a super part of Chamonix, close to the train station, with all you need at walking distance to fill your days and nights with memories that a 12-year-old boy (on his first trip to an Alpine town) and his father will hold forever.

Morning on day two was an early start, to finish off our 0m – 3860m in under 48hrs. Breakfast in the hotel and across the road to Soufflé for a bubble tea and iced coffee, before walking to the Aiguille du Midi cable car for a ride to the top on a sun-blessed day.

cable car

Chamonix Mont-Blanc has a transport “multi pass”, giving us the opportunity to easy access to the rest of the resort. So with a pass in hand and 2 slots for the cable car, it was off for the mountain view of a lifetime. A quick stop at Plan de l’Aiguille (middle station of situated at 2,310 m to change cabins, before setting off to the top of the Aiguille du Midi.

cable car glass box

We went from 1,035m to 3,777m in around 30 minutes before covering the last 65m of vertical by foot. The views over the mountains, glaciers and the town of Chamonix are “wow", as you step outside at 3860m into another world of light, temperature and altitude. The cherry is the chance to stand in the glass box, with its head spinning one km void beneath. We had gained our latest fridge sticker and a view to remember.

first words : 2021 / latest update : 2021