Gardens of Marqueyssac

The gardens of Marqueyssac found in the Dordogne Valley. The gardens are found over looking the river Dordogne. There is a great walk (about 6 km) through the gardens where you can discover the thousands of shrubs and hedges that have been formally pruned and shaped by hand to produce a remarkable collection of topiaried box bushes.

The panoramic views over the valley from the cliff top observation zones are a great location to photograph the river below and the dominating castles.

Chateau Marqueyssac gardens of Marqueyssac Chateau Marqueyssac peacock running up castle roof peacocks Sign showing the directions Château de Fayrac

↑ View of Château de Fayrac from the gardens of Marqueyssac

gardens of Marqueyssac

↑ View of the valley floor from the gardens of Marqueyssac

written : 2017 / latest update : 2021