Grotte du Grand Roc

Found in Laugerie Basse, near Les Eyzies, the Grotte Grand Roc was first discovered by Jean Mauryon on April 29, 1924.

Laugerie Basse found below an overhanging cliff, with troglodyte houses at the foot of the cliff including an auberge / restaurant run by the Jugie fmaily for over 3 generations. The site is of great archaeologic importance and has been inhabited since prehistoric times.

Grotte Grand Roc in Laugerie-Basse Laugerie-Basse

You will find during your visit: helictites, triangles, soda straws, rimstone pools, gours, and calcite crystals.

Grotte stalagmites and stalactites Grotte stalagmites and stalactites Grotte Grand Roc

After the entrance tunnel you will follow along the footpath of twists and turns and enjoy the formations carved by water flowing through the carboniferous limestone rock.

written : 2017 / latest update : 2021