This little campsite has just been brought by the new owners and they are trying to get it under control.. I have been asked to help, well my job is the development of a new website working with the new owners, HPA Consult'in and a graphic designer called Margo to turn around the fortunes of this camping ground.

So for all to understand, writing this little, blog post, I have not yet put "boots on the ground" at this small camping. But this will happen when the warmer weather sets in as I have a now 2 customers to see in this valley of the Loire. First it's the beauty salon in à Bonny-sur-Loire called L'Île de Beauté, a website I developed over the "covid break" and now its a trip of over 350 km' s between the two on the D926, D976, D952 and the D723 to the west coast (near Nantes) and Ligné where you will find this camping.

Le Gurp Beach Atlantic Coast holidays

The Domaine de la Chapeaudière is now open all year round. Its found in a rural setting less than 30 minutes from Nantes, just next to the bike path, that runs north to south .

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You will also find at the domain a “RECEPTION ZONE”, dedicated to private receptions including weddings, family reunions and professional seminars. This area includes a reception room that can accommodate up to 150 people seated surrounded by 6500m² of park where you will find private accommodation for 50 people.

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written : 2023 / latest update : 2023