Hotel Le Marin

Hotel Le Marin (a sailor) hotel prices reflect the quality of the rooms (all with en-suite facilities) and a good breakfast bar. You get the forest, the famous vineyards and the Medoc's beautiful beach and still have all of the comforts of home.

They run a small, secluded hotel, and offer personalized services to their guests. Their goal is to cater to the individual - with that little Monta touch! The 2 star hotel with a breakfast bar and quality restaurant next door, is the ideal choice for a one night stop over, a weekend, conferences, functions, weddings or a relaxing holiday in the sun.

Hotel Le Marin in the Medoc Breakfast room

The rooms are small, but extremely clean. Minimalist but pleasant decoration.

hotel room hotel room

All the rooms have flat screen LCD televisions, free internet connection (wifi and network), air conditioning and direct dial telephone ideal for business or leisure in a safe and comfortable environment.

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first words : 2012 / latest update : 2021