paintball in montalivet

The one hectare site gives you the playground where you can enjoy our "full woodland experience" which includes barricades, bridges, tunnels, trucks, inflatable obstacles and even a fortress!

Everybody Play! Are you on the west coast of France, close to Bordeaux and have time to spare? Why not spend the day in Montalivet? Things to do in the forest or on the beach. This small seaside holiday resort on the west coast of France has a few options.

Paintballs run rabbit run! Montalivet village west coast of France play

If you what to come along and watch not a problem, but its a great family game. Starting from 8 years old your children can enjoy the game, with their bright red SOFTBALL markers (the pump action Z200! ), over to the "Optu A" fantastic for women and children over 12 years old. For the Adults they use the INFERNO T3 marker.

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