surf shop on the Atlantic Coast of France

Spyder Surf Shop Montalivet-Les-Bains. During the summer (July and August) when the water temperature can reach 22'c the small Atlantic swells make this an ideal location for longboard and enjoying beach life. The clean waves and small crowds (if you walk a bit) will give you fond memories of this region.

If you walk down the beach you will always find a peak which is working when the swell is up. Spyder surf shop in Montalivet: you will find all-around longboards, nose riders and high performance boards for sale in the Longboard shop and Surfboard shop.

Montalivet surf surf shop longboards spyder and Bing

They always have a good range of surfboards in stock from nine foot classics to pro models including: Becker surfboards, Bing surfboards, Gordon and Smith surfboards, Hap Jacobs surfboards, Lightning Bolt surfboards, Jim Phillips surfboards, Cooper surfboards, Hobie surfboards, Hynson surfboards, Anderson surfboards, Josh Hall surfboards and Micah Wood surfboards .

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written : 2006 / latest update : 2021