Carrelets of Saint Vivien de Médoc

The village is found just off the main artery of the Medoc 13km from Soulac-Sur-Mer, 4 km from Vensac and 10 km from the beaches of the Atlantic Coast. The commune stretches from the Estuary on the eastern side to the D1215 on the west..

Typical French all year market on Wednesdays found by the church (old roman with 1950's bell tower) with lots of local products, and an atmosphere 'à la French touch', will give your taste buds a lift with the freshly baked breads and cheeses. You will find a small camping 300 m from the village centre with plots for tents, caravans and camping cars and also a few Mobil-homes for rent..

Church port Saint Vivien de Médoc Wine from the Médoc

In the afternoon try a walk to the port of St Vivian where the Guinguettes and crêperies will welcome you with a smile.. Or if Fresh Oysters and King Prawns are what you are looking for, the Oysters and King Prawns from the 'Ferme Aquacole EAU MEDOC' can be brought direct from the producer. If you would like you can also take a guided tour (you must book this Tel: 05 56 09 58 32) of the farm where the aquaculturist has some great stories to tell.


Otherwise a bike ride to see the Carrelets over looking the Gironde Estuary and if the tide is on the push maybe a lucky catch ready for the evening BBQ.

written : 2019 / latest update : 2021