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Oranges are one of the natural products in Morocco, which have a taste than you will struggle to find in Europe (always better when fresh..). The climate of hot sun and more hot sun seems to give the fruit the edge on their European cousins. The shape will not always look like the "Tesco's", a few lumps and bumps give each piece of fruit its own style. When you have washed the fruit with fresh water ( some of the sprays used would not pass EEC inspection!) enjoy the juice and pulp.

Irrigation is always the problem in the arid environment to swell the fruit. As you drive through the production areas in the valleys surrounding Marrakech check out the length of the sprinklers

products in Morocco Imlil Orange stand Marrakech

Imlil in the High Atlas Mountains has a classic Orange stand which can be found through out Morocco.

The fresh oranges brought up from Asni in the valley to this little Berber mountain village will give you that refresh which is needed after a hard walk in the surrounding mountains. The oranges will come up the valley on an open lorry. Each sales point through the village will have fresh oranges 3 times a week.

You will not need extra sugar, only natural.. The sweet oranges found in Morocco are like nothing else.... If you cut them into 4 segments, you will have juice problems!

sweet oranges on the tree