The road sign to find

Leave Sidi Ifini by the coastal road heading north and after 11km you will come across a sign on your left-hand side saying Plage Gzira. Drop off the "International Road" and follow the track until you come to the top of the cliff.

The fishing village of Legzira is hidden at the base of the cliff. Here you will find an Auberge, a cafe and one shop where you can buy fresh fish and bread. If you are looking to camp for the night you will find a campsite on the top of the cliffs.

Road to Banana Village

The beach of Legzira is a delight, with miles of fine sand between the headlands. Fantastic views are the order of the day. On the fine sand you can find a quiet spot for the day, you may be the only person on the beach.

valley above valley above

Take your time and explore Gzira. Enjoy the sand between your toes and the warm Saharan breeze through your hair or work on your tan. The walk under the 100m arch, designed by mother nature, is a must, but watch out for falling stones. Surf the beach break or off the headland, beach combe or cast a fishing line for your supper.

Add to this the lack of population and you will understand why this is an area that any fisherman should visit for a few days.