Sidi Kawaki

Driving out of Essouria on the Agadir road, after the village of Ghazoua you take the second turning to your left, here you will find the sign for Sidi Kaouki (12 km)..

This beach with her undesturbed sand dunes and argon shrubs makes this one of the most beautiful semi-developed beaches in Morocco.

Essaouira walled city

With the campers and tents sitting among the dunes under the shade of the trees, you can walk through the camping area drinking tea from sunrise to sun down, the hospitality is open house, I understand why the Hippies fell in love with this area.

Taganza Essaouira Souk

Upon my arrival in Sidi Kawaki, I was taken in by a local group of Moroccan campers, Abdula and Rachid, who have set up Tiguana Beach which is a roots Berber Beach Hut, half way down the beach. This superb dwelling is a viewpoint, from the waves breaking infront to the construction of their house (fishing line, drift wood and cloth) this mellow tea stop over with its open fire place is a must to all visiters of Sidi Kawaki Beach.

tiguana beach house

Sport in Sidi Kawaki: You can track down to the northern end of Sidi Kawaki Beach, where you will find the fishing village of Taganza which also doubles up as one of Morocco's outdoor film studios. These sets have been used for many national and international productions.

The fine sand beach of Sidi Kawaki is protected at both ends by rock outcrops. ( and a few cactus ) These make an ideal fishing ground for the budding surf-caster. Make your way by the beach or the dirt track to the northern headland, where you will find Second Beach, cross this and the next headland is the main spot. Fish light 8-10 kg on the incoming and high tides.

A great beach break to surf when the wind drops. The open channels between the central sand bank give good lefts and rights. At the southern end of the beach a right hand point break can be found with a jump off the rocks .

Surf south beach Sidi Kawaki Surf Casting with the TY250 on the beach

This Beach is better known for Wind Surfing and Kite Surfing; here the wind blows an average of 300 days per year. The prevailing cross-shore wind gives the gently shelving sand beach easy access to the water.

On the way back to the main road stop off in Ghazoua old Rural Berber Village deep in the argan zone, 3 km inland from the beach of Sidi Kaouki 8km from Essouiria on the Agadir road. It is named after a famous battle, which was fought in the 18th century between the local Berber population and the Spanish overlords.

Here in Ghazoua you can still find pieces from this famous battle, so bring your metal detector as the local woods are worth investigating. You will find this hot work and the best cafe in town is the Tajine where the back garden with her covering of trees makes a great place for a stop over for salads, tarijne and tea.

Surf Casting with the TY250 on the beach

Many European and American artists have settled in this village where its relaxed pace of life and mellow vibe makes an ideal setting to paint ones thoughts. Water from the local well can be used for drinking, found 1 km down the dirt track opposite the Taijne Cafe. The local shops are found here, so pick up your fresh fruit and vegetables, which are grown locally in the mineral rich soil.