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This hard working animal called the mule is found through out Africa. Used as a lorry and taxi, he can carry up to 100 kg over the hardest of conditions. In the winters the mule will be used in the snow, the freezing temperatures of the High Atlas Mountains being all part of a days work.

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If you are on a trek, this animal will carry all your bags and camping equipment giving you a more relaxed day. In the case of one of the party needing a rest from walking, the needing person can hitch a ride on the back of the beast. If you are trekking in the Toubkal region the mule will be used to transport your equipment.

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When I was riding my motorbike in the mountains the mule was my "AA" recovery service. If the bike broke down ( never happened) I was going to wait for the next mule to arrive, strap my bike to his back, then walk the rest of the way! ps looks like the bike needed a clean ..

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The mule is sometimes abused, during my travels, I have found some animals in a bad state of health, normally due to under feeding. There is now a government body being formed in Morocco to help with the welfare of the mule.