sailing action to Lanzarote

Leaving early the next morning from Fuerteventura (after a few days touring the island) with a light southerly, we made the short crossing to the island of Lanzarote.

This island was named by the fourteenth century French knight; Juan Bethencourt, who when fighting for the Spanish against the Guanches broke his lance and shouted out “lance broken”, the name stayed.

sailing to lanzarote sailing to lanzarote

The weather forcast was flawless for the next few days so we decided we would continue following the coast north to the most northern island in the archipelago, La Graciosa after a quick stop off to fill up with supplies. This was to be the over wintering hide out for Elvire and Ian, our surf hungry skipper. During the crossing I had not given thought to the problem of where or how the trip would end, thinking that Ian would have already organised his home for the winter months, I have never been so wrong!

Arrecife Arrecife

Before that it was time for a quick stop in Arrecife to fill up the gallery for a "desert island" winter stop over. Ian dropped us off with the dinghy at the harbour wall before making his way back to secure Elvire. Didier and myself were left with a list and instructions to meet back at the quay in 2 hours with a trolley full of shopping.

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written : 2003 updated : 2020