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Mushroom hunting in the forest. Equipped with basket, light walking stick and knife ready for a forest exploration. A pair of light water-proof trousers and strong Wellington Boots as the access can get a bit damp where the fungus likes to grow are a plus.

Sometimes you can walk for an hour and see nothing.. On one trip with a friend into the forest near the village of Vensac, we had parked the car up a small track just of the main road for a "just looking" walk around, the circuit that we took through the undergrowth produced nothing, so after 30 minutes we headed back to the to our point of departure. Opening the boot, the empty baskets found their place, before climbing back into the car and unwinding the window to see a small Boletus Aereus poking it's head out of the grass

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From August to the end of November the forests of France hold a few surprises. We had discovered a "carpet" of Boletus Aereus leading out from under the car. On occasions you can only spot the "cèpe tête de neigre" from one angle due to the leaves, grass, ferns etc that camouflage them, the dark colour of the mushrooms cap gets harder to spot as the autumn colours deepen.

first words : 2015 / latest update : 2021