Grayan and Hopital

Grayan with its hamlets of l'Hopital and Daugagnan are situated in the northern part of the Gironde. This French commune streaches from the Altantic coast to the west and the beach of Le Gurp, while to the south, north and east the medoc's forest and her reclaimed mashlands.

Grayan's main village infostructure is linear along the "route des lacs" (D101) to the north Soulac-sur-Mer and south the village of Vensac and the new Vensac Ocean. An area of France which has not yet been overtaken by the mass.. things are changing.. slowly

Moto-club des Esteys

The beach of Le Gurp with its campsite, surf club and surf school 200m back from the waters edge is ideal for those who want a few pointers in the waves. Tennis - open all year (no membership needed) is found at the village campsite. Those who are looking for a place to fish (fresh water) the Etangs de la Barreyre is well stocked with carp and has a mini lake where you can introduce your children to the world of course fishing.

Gurp TT

A mini golf next to the restaurant Relax Cafe (serving some of the best hamburgers in the region) is a good night out for family and friends. The motor club des Esteys with its progressive motorcross track, hosts each year in January the sand race ; Gurp TT between the forest and the beach, where over 600 Motorbikes and Quads compete in one of the most difficult beach races of the French circuit.

vintage moto race

Just outside the village centre and only 4km from the beach you will find the "village des oiseaux" where you can rent all year round one of the village's 20 fully equipped self catering gites at a very interesting price. Otherwise go upmarket for that Medoc holiday and choose from over 40 villa's and appartements which are for rent in the private sector.

Atlantic Coast views Atlantic Coast views Medoc pine forest

If you have come looking for a nudist beach in the Aquitaine region of France the Euronat campsite will be a quality choice for a few days at peace with nature.

written : 2013 / latest update : 2021