surf shop on the Atlantic Coast of France

This story started 12 months ago over a glass of Médoc at the summer market of Montalivet on the west coast of France, famous for its colourful stands, produce and atmosphere. A new aroma was to be added to the already fruity bouquet of longboarding in France.

The balance of this Premiere Grand Cru Classic; a blend of surf, art, classic cars and vintage surfboards already aged in events organised by the association Lakbine over the last few years would be opened in the summer of 2015.

The fermentation of the LONGBOARD PRO AM; posters, internet and word of mouth struck a cord with the taste buds of the surfing community, the tannins of the structure matured, the day was here.

The concept, to bring together professionals and amateurs in the same competition, was more than successful as 120 surfers came to test out the 2015 millésime from all four corners of the world. The event brought together Brazilian, Portuguese, Spanish, Mexican and Australian longboarders including World Champion, Harley Ingleby who was spotted in the line up.

Montalivet surf Montalivet surf Montalivet surf Montalivet surf Montalivet surf

The French turned up in force, the Delpero brothers (reigning European Champions), Tim Creignou, John Larcher, Damien Castera, and his friend twice World Champion snowboarder, Mathieu Crépel who swopped one board for another. While in the girl's division, the Brazilian Atalanta Batista took on the crème de la crème of Europe represented by Alice Lemoigne, Victoria Vergara and Justine Mauvin to drop a few big names.

Saturday, the conditions were perfect, with a NW swell and offshore wind the beach of Montalivet offered up 4-6ft waves and the world's best longboards put on the show.

Montalivet surf Montalivet surf Montalivet surf

Throughout the day the local AMATURE rider's battled it out with the PRO longboarders of the European and global elite, faces normally seen in the local cafe were seen pulling into some of the biggest waves... Philippe Rodes, Fanfan Cardonnet , Thomas Fournier, Willy Guegan,, Marion Roustit, Isabelle Auzemery and bien sur Thomas Bilbao we among the heroes of the line up.

Montalivet surf Montalivet surf

Some of the series had the appearance of a world championship, the judges were able to award scores touching the perfect 10 for the Delpero brothers, John Larcher, Damien Castera and Tim Creignou or who had been trading waves throught the day.

The perfect day was rounded off by a stunning sunset and the public was entertained by an unforgettable open air beach party, given by the Mayor of Vendays-Montalivet. The main act was the surfer/singer Tom Frager.

Montalivet surf Montalivet surf

Sunday was the day of the finals, but the morning held a suprise which was to change the course of the event.

Montalivet surf Montalivet surf

The forecaster Michel Boyer had already predicted that the wave height would fall significantly with the rising tide (the strong tidal fetch was not helping us a bit) and the perfect sets of yesterday were becoming a dream.

By afternoon the finals of the Legend Division were reached. The over 50 year old surfers assured the show to an even wider audience than before, as the event was now being streamed live to the internet and infront of a huge crowd, virtual and real, the winner Fanfan Cardonnet took home his weight in bottles of fine wine.

During this final, a meeting took place to decide wheather the Girls wanted their last surf or just to share the prize money as the swell had continued to drop. They decided to surf. So it was in deteriorating conditions that the victory was taken by the Brazilian Batista Atalanta.

A second meeting was called for the finals of the Modern and Classic series. This time, the decision was unanimous, the surfers decided to share the prize money and surf the Super Final on BIC surfboards.

This Super Final consisted of seven of the world's top longboarders sharing waves with creativity to the delight of the crowd. On two waves during the super final, Edouard Delpero and Jack Entwistles were to be found on the same board by the end of their wave. It is thanks to this originality that judges could not give anything other than a 10 to each of them ... The winners of the Super Final, Edouard Delpero and Jack Entwistles had therefore to share the rest of the prize money.

Montalivet surf

The award ceremony was opened and the surfers had a few words to say, they finished by calling the MONTALIVET LONGBOARD PRO AM the best longboard "competition" of 2015. Please note they are already buying up the vintage and we are now picking grapes for the future!

written : 2015 / latest update : 2021